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Current Vacancies
ONRSR values simple and clear applications that show why you fit that role. Make sure your CV supports this, with the most relevant points at the top. ONRSR receives a lot of applications, so a strong, concise and to-the-point application is most likely to stand out.

You are encouraged to ring or email to discuss the role on 08 8406 1500 or recruitment@onrsr.com.au.

ONRSR accepts expressions of interest, so feel free to get in touch providing the information prescribed above.

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Rail Safety Professionals - Melbourne


Work with rail operators to assess accreditation applications, monitor safety performance, respond to safety concerns & when required, enforce the law

Regulatory Data Analyst


Use your analytical skills to provide data-driven, rail safety insights and reports that help ONRSR to drive safe railways for Australia.



Working as part of a collaborative team to maintain and develop systems to support delivery of our organisations regulatory function.