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Working at ONRSR
The Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator, or ONRSR, aims to enhance and
promote rail safety nationally through effective risk-based regulation.
ONRSR seeks people with the vision to contribute to the safety of Australia’s railways – people who are
motivated by the opportunity to improve rail safety and by the benefits this delivers to the Australian

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Advantages of working at ONRSR
Working with ONRSR, you’ll be part of a national network of professionals, and will
enjoy the advantages of:

Competitive salaries

The opportunity to let your expertise shine

Job security

A flexible and mobile workplace

Autonomous, self-motivated roles

The opportunity to work across functions

Training and knowledge development

A Healthy Workplace

ONRSR actively encourages productive working relationships, a healthy work-life balance, workplace diversity and development of expertise. You will work for an organisation which offers a commitment to learning and development, and flexible work and lifestyle options.

Roles at ONRSR have a high level of autonomy and are well suited to self-motivated staff. ONRSR looks for flexible people who are unfazed by challenges and competing demands, and have the determination and rigour to see tasks through to the end.

ONRSR is a small but complex organisation, with a wide range of stakeholders and an obligation to enforce the Rail Safety National Law. The National Office is located in Adelaide, with other offices around the country.